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Coremeeting 15

, 13:00

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Our monthly CoreMeeting. Discussing main issues like the bookkeeping.

next coremeeting

change the recurring date to 2nd saturday of each month? Will have less collision with other events (like byteweek, bytenight, newyear, etc)

rent for month december issue

resolved. we got a letter telling the december payment will be used as payment for february.

financial overview

  • paying members Dec (at least €15): 27
  • paying members Jan (at least €15): 26
  • paying members Feb (at least €15): 27
  • income membership fee Dec: ?
  • income membership fee Jan: ?
  • income membership fee Feb: ?

Update membership page

Betz updated the membership page on our website rephrasing membership fee, like agreed on coremeeting #13. The page is not live yet, needs proofreading and acceptance. See this page

warranty rue manchester

  • we need to contact Abel Falise

kbc account

  • Betz stopped the Account there

membership fee

8 we keep it as is


  • We stilll find proof of these (they get caught
  • We bait the traps with peanut butter, please refill as needed

club mate

  • Betz had a contact … No further information

metal ash bin

  • one or 2 where ordered they have not arived yet

possible asbestos in the space. what info is there ?

Kitchen hygiene

  • Fred knows where to get a metal box, and will get one
  • Wouter Will ask Anita to make some signage about keeping it clean.
  • This is a serious health issue

Mailbox and numbering scheme

  • Wouter will ask Gerd what would be best for the postman

“open house” event for the entire building

  • open the gates festival
  • 3 & 4 may
  • there will come a cafe on the Yard (hopefully permamenetly) so the gate can remain opne whenever the cafe is open.
  • the door next to the gate will probably soon be accessible as a “site entrance”.

General assembly in few weeks (30th of march)

  • agenda?
  • the new space
  • relations with neighbours
  • invites need to be send. Only members, or public but only members can vote?
  • A GA is Members only, if we want to change it we should change it at the GA

cleanup day

  • what happend with the construction trash?
  • we should schedule one, lets ask people on tuesday if and when they can come to help out.


we have 4761 euros in the bank

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Contact us

For any questions you can reach out to us over Matrix at #hsbxl:matrix.org.