Hackerspace membership

Being a space member has benefits but of course also some responsibilities.
– With great power comes great responsibility.


  • 247 access
    • Every member always has access to the space.
  • Member shelf
    • Every member can get a member shelf AKA a drawer, to store personal stuff.
  • Discount if/on paying activities


  • There are no passengers on this ship, only crew members.
  • We are explorers, no pirates.
  • Upon leaving the ship, clean your spot, and the spot next to you.
  • Drinks are in the fridge, they are cool, cheap and help us stay afloat.
  • Respect fellow members, their privacy and hardware.
  • Communication generally works better than conflict.
  • The guy/girl mopping the deck deserves more respect than the non-existing captain.


  • Sharing is good, share your knowledge, creativity, hardware and code.
  • Respect is not enforced, it is earned.
  • Parrots have no original thoughts. Think, don’t be a parrot.
  • Truth is usually somewhere in the middle. Most issues aren’t binary anyway. Requantize.
  • Last but foremost: Be excellent to eachother.

– From https://wiki.hsbxl.be/Patterns

Steps on becoming a member

  • Come over on a TechTuesday, come say hi.
  • Fill out the membership form.
  • Find 2 sponsors to sign your membership form.
  • Once processed, you will receive a welcome mail with paying instructions.
  • Once we receive your payment, you can pickup an access key/badge on a next TechTuesday.

Paying instructions?

Yes. As much as we would like otherwise,
we need to pay bills to keep the ship afloat. That’s why we ask €25 a month.
We understand 25€ is quite a steep fee for some members, so we agreed on having a social fee of €15 a month. If you would like to become member at a social fee,
or you want to switch to a social fee, mail the board at board@hsbxl.be.
This mail traffic is limited to people from the hackerspace board, so you can expect confidentiality.

What are our fixed costs?

  • Rent: €630/month
  • Heating: +- €100/month
  • Insurance: ?/year
  • Legal costs (ex. statute changes): +- €100/year

Further we have nice tools and spend money at keeping it that way.

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