× Welcome back in our space! Drinks are cold, the soldering iron hot! Respect each others distance and be excellent.

Bytenight 2023: Finally again!

Thé dansant

Price: pay for your drinks please

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As an after-party to the first day of the big FOSDEM Free Software conference in Brussels,
the oldest Hackerspace in town organises its annual free party.

CONTACT PAGE getting to the location

Version 12 (0xc)

Let’s throw a party like it’s 1999… meh, the Y2K was overhyped… let’s party like it’s 2038!


Weird music for weird people.


These artists have confirmed to play a set for us:

  • CedricHacksThePlanet
  • Joe D’Absynth
  • Meex
  • A.I. Caramba featuring Taloor Soift

Jegeva also took care of fantastic lights!


  • Club-Mate
  • a collecton of speciality beers
  • soft drinks
  • “normal” beers

Unsupported, deprecated versions


Notes can be found on https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/bytenight2020 )

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