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Our Own Cloud-out-of-the-cloud storage

This is a running project at HSBXL. See other space projects.
If you want more info about this project, ask 'jurgen'.

Context and background

Let’s set up a server running Nextcloud and Collabora Office inside the space. This will allow for:

  • easily sharing documents
  • creating project documentation that can then be shared publicly
  • create spin-off applications that interact with a nextcloud ecosystem. Think of a sports tracker (who are we kidding?) shopping list app that stores its data in a nextcloud folder instead of a centralized service)
  • see if we can do something with the SOLID concept that the Flemish government is working on (decentralized cryptographically safe storage of your personal information). There exists a rudimentary POC for SOLID inside Nextcloud. Can we set up our own pods and maybe even learn some things along the way?

Jurgen has set up Nextcloud on a local computer in the past - it’s not that hard.

Available material

  • proxmox instance on the local server (still under configuration)

To Do

  • set up a proxmox device (8GB or RAM, 500 GB disk space should be plenty for starters)
  • install and configure Nextcloud
  • set up Nextcloud groups for members (more storage), guests (small storage), ideally aligned with LDAP
  • configure LDAP for user management
  • Set up IPv6 to make Askarel happy (and for improved security)
  • configuration of reverse proxy to make the cloud accessible from the outside and blazingly fast from the inside (LAN).
  • set up Collabora Office

Nice to have additionals - to be discussed

  • create a dummy account (Questular Rontok) that you are allowed to try hacking.
  • organize a workshop on Nextcloud API
  • organize a workshop on Nextcloud and SOLID

Issues to be resolved

  • Nextcloud client doesn’t seem to work with our instance.

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