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Move to Citygate

This is a running project at HSBXL. See other space projects.

HSBXL is moving to (Nov 2018) out of Citygate! We must be out by September 2023.

Suggestions for new locations are welcome! Send them to contact@hsbxl.be


  • Choose moving days
  • Remove floor
  • Remove wall between first and second room
  • Close the window next to the door
  • Fill the airgaps above the windows
  • Install Wireless België (temporary internet for during the move)
  • Make truck reservation
  • Uninstall heaters
  • Uninstall TV’s & other stuff hanging on the walls
  • Make all desks ready to move
  • Uninstall electronics lab
  • Uninstall Wireless België @ Molenbeek
  • Pickup moving truck
  • Actual move
  • Return moving truck
  • Hang the ‘strokengordijn’
  • Uninstall elevator box @ Molenbeek
  • Uninstall water pipe at @ Molenbeek
  • Arrange access / copy keys
  • Install Wireless België
  • Install internet / wifi
  • Setup the kitchen / the bar
  • Hang the screens
  • Fix the waterleak
  • Install rockwool on our roof
  • Setup Hardcorener
  • Install trollingpage
  • Create cool street signs to put between south trainstation and the space, mention meters left…
  • Install ’elevator box’ @ Citygate
  • Install ‘black knight’ @ Citygate
  • Hang whiteboards
  • Replace our door with metal door

Citygate in the media

Moving related events


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Contact us

For any questions you can reach out to us over Matrix at #hsbxl:matrix.org.