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Move to Citygate

This was a project at HSBXL. See other space projects.

HSBXL is moving to Citygate!


  • Choose moving days
  • Remove floor
  • Remove wall between first and second room
  • Close the window next to the door
  • Fill the airgaps above the windows
  • Install Wireless België (temporary internet for during the move)
  • Make truck reservation
  • Uninstall heaters
  • Uninstall TV’s & other stuff hanging on the walls
  • Make all desks ready to move
  • Uninstall electronics lab
  • Uninstall Wireless België @ Molenbeek
  • Pickup moving truck
  • Actual move
  • Return moving truck
  • Hang the ‘strokengordijn’
  • Uninstall elevator box @ Molenbeek
  • Uninstall water pipe at @ Molenbeek
  • Arrange access / copy keys
  • Install Wireless België
  • Install internet / wifi
  • Setup the kitchen / the bar
  • Hang the screens
  • Fix the waterleak
  • Install rockwool on our roof
  • Setup Hardcorener
  • Install trollingpage
  • Create cool street signs to put between south trainstation and the space, mention meters left…
  • Install ‘elevator box’ @ Citygate
  • Install ‘black knight’ @ Citygate
  • Hang whiteboards
  • Replace our door with metal door

Citygate in the media

Moving related events


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