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TechTuesday 500!

BBQ and GNUwhine night
, 19:00

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TechTue Etherpad

Pad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/TechTueHSBXL

Found the very first TechTuesday, which was on Apr 7th, 2009: http://hsb.wikidot.com/techtue01

TechTuesday 500!

  • TechTue v500 combined with birthday of betz!
  • This is also probably the last TechTuesday at our location in Molenbeek!
  • betz will bring a gas BBQ
  • Stefan will get some meat/vegetables/bread for people
    • if you want him to bring something, contact him or ask the mailing list
  • We are also making tons of fresh GNUwhine for this year! :)


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