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Tech with kids: Experiments with stopmotion, digital puppeteering and greenscreen

for kids age 6+ with parents
, 14:30

Price: Free (register!)

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  • This event is geared towards children, but we expect a parent to be around to help their own children.
  • This workshop will be given in Dutch (Nederlands) but plenty of parents will be around to translate if something isn’t clear.
  • Thanks to Homeschooling parents Anneleen and Tom for offering us this workshop!
  • Because of the interactive nature of the project, only 10 children can participate. Registration is required: mail to contact@hsbxl.be or reach out on the Facebook event if you want to participate.
  • other people present will be able to use the rest of the hacker space for personal projects as usual.


A series of photographs magically turn into a little movie… let’s do some magic!

Digital puppeteering


So you want to fly through space, or walk between the fish? A green screen and some video editing tricks can do the job!

Contact us

For any questions you can reach out to us over Matrix at #hsbxl:matrix.org.