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an introduction to working with a raspberry pi

, 18:00

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A bunch of people have expressed an interest in a base explanation of working with a raspberry pi, so we will be having a quick wokshop during techtuesday

Raspberry pi is a small single board computer. It allows you to hook up a display and keyboard to use it as a desktop computer , but it also has GPIO pins allowing you to controll different electronic projects. This combined with it’s relativly low prce make it very usefull for a number of projects

The concrete agenda for the day will depend on the number of participants and the questions of the group

We will be looking at

  • logging into the raspberry pi over ssh (either via putty on windows OR command line clients on linux or mac)
  • how to install extra software.
  • a quick look at the basics of working with the comand line
  • working with the GPIO pins (both for inputs and output)
  • scheduling commands

What to bring

  • your computer
  • a raspberry pi
  • a sd card (for your raspberry pi)

( if you dont have something on the above list send a mail to contact@hsbxl.be and we’ll see if we have any available )

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