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Piggyback Ride 1

follow an online course
, 9:00 / till 17:00

Price: NULL

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What ?

It’s an online course gracefully offered by a member’s employer. We don’t mind shoulder surfing: feel free to sit behind us and follow what is being said and done. We will set up the space so you can confortably follow the stream with us.


In case you’re interested by the subject, it will be about F5 LTM and APM. Maybe a bit of ASM


Use of power/noisy tools is strongly discouraged. Please keep chatter to a minimum. No music will be played. We won’t necessarily have the time/resources to answer to questions: consider us as being at work. A brief explanation can be done whenever possible, during breaks.

This is a new concept: some kinks need to be worked out.

Who ?

  • Askarel
  • Habifo

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Contact us

For any questions you can reach out to us over Matrix at #hsbxl:matrix.org.