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Flash desoldering, dumping and JTAGenum workshop

hardware and software workshop
, 14:00 23:00

Price: Free

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  • Desoldering/reading of flash chips (eMMC, TSOP, …)
  • Find JTAG pins on devices with JTAGenum

We would like to play around with desoldering and dumping memory chips.

Bring a target device and we will teach other how to remove TSOP chips, reball BGA chips and dumps NAND/NOR/eMMC memories.

We will bring an IR rework station and all the TSOP/BGA breakout boards we have around.

We will also try JTAGenum to find hidden JTAG pins on devices.


Saturday 2018-12-08, from 2PM to 11PM @HSBXL


TSOP desolder USB key

Flash dump example


Take devices you want to extract the flash from, like:

  • smartphone
  • routers
  • latpop
  • TVs
  • other electronics

Other useful equipements:

  • soldering/desoldering equipment (desoldering pump, desoldering wick)
  • raspberrypi
  • arduino boards
  • headers and female/male wires
  • breadboard
  • 3.3V/5V level converters
  • breakout boards


Our master will be Nathan Fain (cyphunk), a researcher based in Berlin and contributor to embedded tools such as JTAGenum.


Please register your participation to this workshop on Meetup.com: https://www.meetup.com/hackerspace-Brussels-hsbxl/events/256814991


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