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Coremeeting 14

, 13:00

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Our monthly CoreMeeting. Discussing main issues like the bookkeeping.
Exceptionally not on the first Saturday of the month because Bytenight.


w, betz, aska @hs,
nino, ptr, zoobab more or less remotely

rent for month december issue

we got payment reminder from landlord (entrakt) for december – we paid for january; gerd gave oral ok to start paying from january, but apparently this never got taken in account at their end we already payed (aska) gerd points us to ‘accounting@entrakt.be’ > catch 22 because their accounting isn’t aware of the oral agreement

end of november 2018 the oral agreement was made | the contract says 1 december though


  • get written confirmation of the oral agreement (e.g. email)
  • forward it to bookkeeping accounting@entrakt.be

every Friday afternoon there’s a sort of centralised complaining point with entrakt at the climbing wall place = at the other wing (entrance through the skatepark entrance Industrielaan, or though the elevator hall none obvious way thingie)

betz follows up?

warranty rue manchester

w will ask sarah (brussels gewest) – as soon as paperwork is ready she’ll reach out (last communication mid januari) normally they have 3 months - should be end of march latest

kbc account

w would take this (whole board to go to kbc)
writing a letter (recommande) but first get the form mail sent to bankswitching@kbc.be

making an appointment at kbc bxl city-center 12th of february 2019 in the evening 19th of february 2019

membership fee

tom didn’t have time to make a draft, postponed membership fee is 15 – you’re invited to pay more 25eur if you can (we need around 20eur pp to break even) Current monthly membership income (january 2019): 605€ Current rent amount: 662,36 € –> 57,36 € to go for membership to cover 100% of the rent!


  • 2 catches so far
  • are they connected to the network ? Not yet (SOON)

bookkeeping overview

  • http://hsbxl.be/books > not active yet
  • Balance on 2019-01-01: ?€
  • Balance on 2019-02-09: 4003.1200€
  • coming costs:
    • feb rent 662,36 €
    • heating ? 1-2 bags p day > 5eur per day - 150 per month
    • warranty citygate (if the question arrises) 2 months of rent
  • coming income:
  • maybe recup december2018 rent ?

Byteweek aftermath

Club Mate

  • is a mess : lovibond (we asked for a pallet, reminder after 2 weeks, then betz rushed for delivery – and delivery got delayed last minute » not serious)
  • drinkcenter in leuven ? job buys there; w has contact – https://www.bierenwijnhuis.be/frisdranken/123-club-mate-6x50cl.html
  • dorstloescher aachen ? last time they didnt want to deliver because of ‘import issues’
  • group-buy with kolab, climbing wall e.a. ?

interactions with landlord

  • last monday 4th feb around noon gerd was in space with some electrician, without anyone present; he notified s ok

  • elec is fixed

    • we have decent earth wire connection now
    • still issue with chained differentiels > can break serially and we don’t have access to the one on the first floor
  • hsbxl gives support for wifi ? important that the board communicates in unison to the landlord (both on support for wifi; camera; unexpected bills etc.)

    • requests in this sense : standard answer is ’ we’ll discuss it in the meeting’ > further contact: w’s phone
  • there are camera’s at each entrance

  • w is going to install some extra camera’s and will indicate them clearly

  • should perhaps think about legal aspects

  • leverage for better elec > if power goes down the camera footage might get lost

  • w has a UPS, strategy undefined

burned pellets bin needs to be metal or ceramik

  • florist shops ?
  • bend some metal shelf ?
  • 13 eur on bol.com

date next coremeeting

  • 1st saturday of march » Saturday 2nd of march 2019
  • make a habit of reminding members before next coremeeting

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For any questions you can reach out to us over Matrix at #hsbxl:matrix.org.