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Coremeeting 11

, 13:00

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Our monthly CoreMeeting. Discussing main issues like the bookkeeping. Everyone is welcome on this meeting.

Meeting notes

Our monthly CoreMeeting. Discussing main issues like the bookkeeping.

Previous Coremeetings

  • https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/coremeeting-9

  • https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/coremeeting-10

  • main thing on the agenda … looking for a new spot Sudo_find_-name_space_

  • folowing up on the GA General_Assembly_10

    • getting a tablet with bankcontact app for fridge payments
    • Vincent has an android tablet that he can donate … he will work with fred on the app and loging and so-on
    • statutes still to-do
  • we can bill to legal entities, so freelancers can pay more and not lose more money.** we need to make numbered debit note (debet nota)

  • we will close the KBC account since it’s not being used. .. WSI will go by the bank and find out what is required.

  • please join the chat @ https://app.element.io/#/room/#hsbxl:hackerspaces.be

  • Tom is making a new website, he will start with moving the “events” over .. it works with a static site generator, pulling info from git.

    • More explanation on Tuesday.
    • agenda.hackersapce.be needs to be pointed to the hosting (TBD).

the new place

we are looking for a new place

  • lennart has a lead on a place, he will visit it next week, exact time and place on the mailing list so other people can join

  • nino is contacting vzw Toestand

  • People planning a walk around the city, looking for places. ( for example rue huyvaert, across the canal)

  • deadline for finding a spot is Dec 1 (next core meeting)

  • moving in Mid December

  • discussion on the philosophy and goals of hackerspace

    • more events
  • requirements

    • a small space we can heat without breaking the bank
    • about 150 square meters
    • Total cost :
      • right now 650 + 200 euro in charges (incl electricity) we pay 60/month in gas so total budget 900 euro.
      • we lose 100 euro/month .. if we could go down to 750 this would be ideal.
      • we have about 500 euro/month from the membership .. this would be our goal.

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Contact us

For any questions you can reach out to us over Matrix at #hsbxl:matrix.org.