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Coremeeting 10

, 13:00

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Meeting Notes

  • Rimpossibel wil make a club mate order at lovibond for 40 crates (1 pallet) and get 40 empty crates picked up.
  • we have 31 paying members at the moment, so financially we are Surviving, and doing a little better every month(thanks to new members)
  • we will reimburse Tom 247 euro for his 10- crates of duvel (we got the price/crate from our colruyt run today) this is related to tom’s beer-funding at sha2017.
  • next week tuesday we will send out a reminder about the GA on october 6th. (unless somebody gets to it sooner)

todo’s by this meeting

  • WSI will sign the tax papers.
  • signing the statutes

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For any questions you can reach out to us over Matrix at #hsbxl:matrix.org.