Stompboxin’, DIY fuzzboxes for bass and guitar

, 19:00

Price: 30€ for the HSBXL-Fuzz stompbox kit

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To celebrate the awesomeness of HSBXL, we’ve designed a limited edition HSBXL-Fuzz pedal for guitarists, bass-players and other musicians that want to properly mess up their sound-fidelity.

The design is made to be ‘mod-friendly’ and multiple options for assembly will be proposed. To fund the PCB printing costs, components and aluminium die-cast enclosure, a participatory fee of +-€30,- is proposed.

The schematics and relevant build-documents will be handed out during the workshop.

  • Max number of participants: 15
  • If you can, bring your own soldering iron.
  • Duration: Experienced builders 1h, Newbies 4hs

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