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Lua on a stick

, 10:00 / till 18:00

Price: Free

This event is part of series 'byteweek2019'
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5 days of:

  • Shining a spotlight on Lua’s functionality
  • Hacking through using Lua and affiliate toolset
  • Presenting interesting tools informally
  • Learning through osmosis
  • Drinking moonshine

Topic Areas

Areas of focus (may) include:

  • Parsing large XML datasets using SAX parsers
  • Regular expressions and parsing


Calls for volunteering or presenting projects are most welcome

Please contact via:


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We end our week with the notorious social all nighter, Bytenight!

NEW: Fri 1st February, Bitnight

In addition to Saturday’s Bytenight, there will be a smaller social event on Friday, Bitnight.

This will mix workshop and hackathon participants from that day with early FOSDEM visitors coming to Brussels.

All FOSS friends welcome

See Byteweek for details on HSBXL’s pre-FOSDEM events: https://hsbxl.be/events/byteweek/2019/

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