Using GNU Radio for Analog and Digital Communications

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The way we send information, whether voice, text, images, or video, has been evolving since Samuel Morse’s telegraph in 1836. As these systems become more advanced the standard electronics tools and knowledge which have been the engineer’s standard toolkit must be accompanied by software components. Together the analog, digital, and software are used to enable the modern communications modes such as Digital Video Broadcast (DVB), JT65 for Amateur Radio moonbounce, FreeDV which has brought digital voice to the HF bands, and the wide variety of other new and exciting protocols.

GNU Radio ( is a free, graphical, software development toolkit that provides signal processing blocks to implement software-defined radios and signal-processing systems. It can be used with external RF hardware to create software-defined radios, or without hardware in a simulation environment. This workshop introduces the software, demonstrates assembling complete transmit and receive systems, and shows a few examples of advanced applications.

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Hi all,

As the “Using GNU Radio for Analog and Digital Communications” workshop is … well, as it name implies, a workshop, active involvement of the participants is expected. To maximise the time available for the workshop, please note the following remarks found below;

1/ Bring your laptop: As GNU Radio is a software toolkit, you need a computer to run this software. It does not need to be the latest super-top-of-range machine. Any laptop not older then 4 to 5 years should be good enough to follow the workshop.

2/ Prepare a bootable USB flash-drive. To allow the workshop to be focused on GNU Radio itself, and not “how do I install it”, bootable USB-drives are used. These USB drives contain a complete ready-to-run system with all the software used during the workshop pre-installed on it.

A link to the ISO-image and the tools to create a suitable USB flash-drive can be found here:

Please create a USB flash-drive with that image and try it on your laptop before-hand.

This would:

  • allow us not to spend as little “workshop” time as possible on this issue
  • allow you to be sure that the software runs on your laptop.
  • allow you to preconfigure the software to your particular laptop (e.g. keyboard-setting)

In any case, do not forget to bring your USB flash-drive to the workshop.

If you would have any issues with this, you can purchased a USB flash-drive with a pre-installed ISO-image at the workshop. (at cost). However, do drop us a note beforehand so we have an idea how many flash-drives we need to foresee.

Send a message to “kristoff (on1arf)” or “hsbxl” on the meetup attendees page if you need a prepared USB flash-drive:

3/ Also take a look at the preparation material found here:

-Core concepts of GNU Radio:

Enjoy the workshop

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