OctoPi for the space

This is a running project at HSBXL. See other space projects.
If you want more info about this project, ask 'jurgen'.

Context and background

OctoPi is a simple interface for managing (an) 3D-printer(s).
Currently a base install is done on a RasPi with a PiCam.
The device can be reached internally at http://octopi.in.hsbxl

- The idea is to be able to send .stl files to the printer
- The idea is that users can log in with their LDAP account
- Do we want the webcam to be publicly accessible? (currently not)

To Do

  • setting up LDAP integration
  • there is a plugin that works with slic3r on the pi. This needs to be populated with a few good configurations for the Lulzbot or Ender
  • creating an enclosure to click the octopi on the lulzbot in a way the cam has a good angle on the print
    • currently WIP by Jurgen in FreeCAD.
  • fixing the Velleman 3D printer
    • this device is looking for a friendly pair of hands to fix it.

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Contact us

For any questions you can reach out to us over Matrix at #hsbxl:matrix.org.