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Tech with kids: learn your computer to have fun (AI)

for kids age 6+ with parents
, 14:30 17:00

Price: Free donation

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!! This workshop is canceled/postponed.

To stay informed on a possible new date for this workshop, place a comment beneath or keep an eye on the website…

In the workshop we are going to laugh, tell jokes and learn how to make our laptops laugh with us. We will do this by recording our gags and giggles with a set of microphones – we will need these recordings to attempt to teach our computer companions a tiny bit of humour. Hilde Wollenstein and Andrejs Poikāns, two artists from The Hague are taking us on an artsy trip…

This will be done by exploring simple A.I. learning techniques and sound analysis/synthesis algorithms (using SuperCollider and Wekinator ).

The purpose of this workshop is to raise questions about what it means to be human in a world full of computers.


Bring a smartphone


The workshop is free, but we ask for a voluntary donation between 3 and 15 euros, to help cover the travel expenses from The Hague to Brussels and back.


The workshop will be given primarily in English, but Dutch speaking participants are also welcome, as Hilde also speaks Dutch.


Registration to the workshop is required as we only have a limited number of headsets. Put your name in the comments and tell us with how many you’ll come. Add your e-mail in the appropriate field - this won’t be visible on the site but allows to confirm your presence.

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