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OpenStreetMap Notes Mapathon & Meetup


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Let’s make the map green again! Let’s join forces to close as many notes as possible!

Anyone can open a note on OpenStreetMap, even anonymously. It’s a handy way to tell mappers that something should be mapped or edited. However, notes do not always get closed and too many open notes litter the map. At the moment, there are many open notes in Belgium. We would like to join forces to close as many as possible. By doing this together, we can divide the work in a structured way, we can ask a second opionion when something is not clear and we can motivate each other to ‘flatten the curve’ (https://resultmaps.neis-one.org/osm-notes-country?c=Belgium).

Just bring your laptop, we will take care of the rest. Do not hesitate to join even if you are a beginning mapper, all help is welcome!

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