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Modern Web Dev: Crafting a Social App with Solid.js

, 17:00 20:00

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Modern Web Dev: Crafting a Social App with Solid.js

Dive into the world of modern web development with our 3-hour hands-on workshop focused on Solid.js, a fast and reactive JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. This workshop will guide you through building a simple, yet functional social app using Solid.js, while also introducing you to complementary technologies like TypeScript, bundling, and Node.js.

In this workshop, we’ll touch upon the similarities between Solid.js and React, showcasing how your existing React knowledge can be a valuable asset when transitioning to Solid.js.

This beginner-friendly workshop will cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Solid.js, TypeScript, and their ecosystems
  2. Solid.js and React: A comparison of concepts and architecture
  3. Setting up your development environment with TypeScript
  4. Understanding components, state, and props with TypeScript interfaces in Solid.js
  5. Creating reusable UI elements and leveraging TypeScript’s type safety
  6. Implementing basic user interactions, real-time updates, and managing API calls


Please bring your own laptop to the workshop, as you’ll be coding along with the instructor. Prior to the workshop, we’ll provide instructions on how to set up the necessary software and tools on your device.

Places are limited. You can reserve a seat at meetup.com

By the end of the 3-hour workshop, you’ll have a foundation of how to use Solid.js and TypeScript. This workshop is perfect for developers who are new to Solid.js and TypeScript or those looking to enhance their skills in the ever-evolving world of web development. Join us and explore the exciting synergy of Solid.js and TypeScript to build powerful and dynamic web applications, and discover how Solid.js can offer an alternative path for React developers!

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