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Cyber Security Co-Learning

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Are you working or interested in Cyber Security? And are you looking for ways to learn more about it?
During our co-learning we do self-study, work on projects alone or with others, and present our work to the others.

Sound cool? then this meetup is for you :-)

We are hosted by Hackerspace <3, there is a fridge on location with drinks - make sure to bring some coins :-)
The rules: Bring your own laptop and respect the code of conduct → http://www.opentechschool.org/code-of-conduct.
If you don’t have a project to work on, or if you’re otherwise unsure how to get started check out to learning materials collected or/and let’s figure it out together during the meetup. The hardest part is starting :-)

Learning materials are collected in a google sheet, feel to add anything:

We are also looking for support, feel free to reach out:

Meetup group: https://www.meetup.com/Cyber-Security-Brussels

Upcoming Cyber Security Co-Learning

Past Cyber Security Co-Learning


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