Coremeeting 9

, 13:00

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Meeting Notes


  • in preperation of the demat we will start doing them monthly

  • the books for 2017 are not done yet , since there is a gap mid 2016 in the data .. fred and wouter will fix this on tuesday

  • changing the statutes – we are working on this

  • Excessive use of the lasercutter / malfunction – we will try to figure out whom we need to talk to and provide some education – we will establish a short training and make sure everybody who gets a login gets “certified” – a short instruction sheet will be taped to the wall near the laser cutter

  • Reorganisation of the space – we need to rearrange the back room – we will move the books to the front room – the back room will have the sofa, storage space, and a small meeting area – we still have 2 kodi displays, we will test them and if both are workin give one away – we will get rid of the organ – we will also get rid of the old kitchen tabel in favour of more storage (mainly for bigger stuff

  • Status with the building – we will know in septemer

  • Participation in sorting/assorting stuff – we will pick a date and put it on the mailing list – in the mean time we will do small stuff

  • Containerpark move, – will be done AFTER the cleanup

  • Stephan will look at the printer (we suspect it’s the drumm)

stuff we need


  • new ladder
  • 100 mm PVC tube (short piece)
  • ethanol
  • staggerd drillbit
  • if cheap .. drillbits
  • sandpaper machine


  • handsoap
  • beers (jup duvel leffe chimay)
  • red wine
  • chips (paprica, salt, grills)
  • glass cleaner
  • pizzas
  • burgers
  • coffee
  • cola & cola zero
  • ice tea
  • Toilet Paper


  • bolts m3 m4 m5 (different lenghts)

todo’s by this meeting

  • WSI have a look at the tax papers.
  • siging the statutes

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