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Coremeeting 5

, 13:00

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Meeting notes

  • cracked wall : put plaster on the cleanup day (tomorrow) march 4

  • ranting contract : meh

  • response owner ? probably no response yet

  • electronics lab separate switch just found switch, gonna install it on pole

  • plaster tomorrow would be cool

  • renting contract

    • More news next time
  • Wooden gate:

    • Key is still work
    • Look at highvoltage cabine for power (opening it and analyse layout)
  • moneys

    • vendingmachine is coming
    • small vault for money deposit (disqeuse)
  • padlock codes

  • insulation

    • strokengordijn / just payed 117.37eur, so transaction can go on
  • memberships:

    • meetup - paying for PR
      • Export all people’s e-mail that follow us?
  • general assembly saturday 24th of march

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