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Is there a way to automatically generate a MIB using a YAML file ?


We have the following PEN from IANA:

This is based on previous work by TQ_Hirsh (EXPERIMENTAL) (LDAP) (LDAP Attribute type)

  1. x-hsbxl-pgpKey - PGP public key used for encrypted communications
  2. x-hsbxl-sponsorID - Sponsoring member
  3. x-hsbxl-membershipReason - Why you’re becoming a member
  4. x-hsbxl-sshPubKey - SSH public key

The following entries might be included in the definitive user schema

  1. x-hsbxl-membershipStructuredComm - Structured communication for membership payments
  2. x-hsbxl-membershipAccountId - Internal identifier for membership account
  3. x-hsbxl-drinksStructuredcomm - Structured communication for drink account
  4. x-hsbxl-drinksAccountId - Internal identifier for fridge account
  5. x-hsbxl-RFID-id - Access control token ID (LDAP Object class) (SNMP)

(todo) (Member-defined objects)

This arc is reserved for HSBXL member-defined attributes. To use it, get your uidNumber from our LDAP database, and append it to this OID. Anything defined below the resulting OID is up to you.


Your LDAP uidNumber is 4242. Your personal arc will then be

Your arc can then be subdivided as you like: (arc foo) (arc bar) (arc baz)

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