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Use this page as a scratch pad for crazy ideas that just popped out of your sick and dirty brain.

The rules:[edit]

  1. There are no stupid ideas, just different levels of doability.
  2. Nobody will laugh at you, even if the idea is stupid. (see nr. 1) :-)
  3. Options will be discussed.
  4. What stick stays.


  • Make a concrete countertop for an eternal kitchen: link
  • ptr_ thinks about applying this technique to build a shower
  • Make a kitchen on an europalette: have a fridge on one side, a 19" rack on the other side, cooking plate on top and extra folding table(s) attached to it. Fill the rack with equipment (switch, power distribution panel, server,...). Store/use it in the garage next door and take it to events.


  • Have a high voltage/high power experiment room to experiment with deadly electricity (Tesla coils, rail guns, insane capacitors,...)

Beautify thy neighbourhood[edit]

Make promotional posters and decorate the neighbourhood with them (bus/tram stops, etc.) so people know what the hackerspace is and where to find it. Posters should not be too serious, maybe with the kind of tongue-in-cheek humour that was present in the Byte Night party posters (great success!). I suggest to use lots of cat pictures.

Here, I put something together to show you what I have in mind: [1] — --Sascha (talk) 11:29, 18 October 2012 (CEST)


  • Mobile hackerspace: Buy an old bus and transform it into a full blown hackerspace: go to conferences and events in full hack mode.
  • caravan could also be awesome

garage sale[edit]

  • organize a garage sale to get rid of old stuff

a permanent lcd panel showing general info[edit]

  • mainly realtime update public transport

fat-to-watt hometrainer[edit]

  • hometrainer with generator
  • energy is measured on kill-a-fat meter

Wiki ideas[edit]

  • Push our wiki to github
  • Public XML dumps? (seems more useful than pushing wiki to github :)
  • Add OpenID extension to wiki
  • Give anyone who is slightly trusted the admin role (but not bureaucrat) so they don't have to do silly arithmetics every edit ;)


  • Build a fully functional T-800 endoskeletton for fun, fear, shopping, assisstance and profit.
  • We can use a bomb disposal robot as a base, just add a skull with red mean eyes on top.

Will be done[edit]

  • Get a automatic distributor (eg. for pack of smokes), print cardboard boxes with the form factor of a cigarette package and use it to dispense Arduinos, kits, leds, electronic components, bootable USB sticks and whatever you can think of. Surprise boxes of unknown content are part of the fun.
— How about a distributor for "Freedom Sticks", i.e. pre-configured bootable TOR + Browser kits on USB sticks... placing it on the outside, we may even make some money with this... At least it would be a nice publicity stunt :-)
—— Can be done. Let's bring the ciggie distributor !!!