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Flickr Plugin[edit]

Basic Usage[edit]

Usage is basically as follows :


{photoid} is the Flickr photo ID. This is the only compulsory parameter. All others are optional and will be detected automatically. Anything which isn't detected as another parameter will be classified as part of the caption.

{type} is the image type as per this page (so 'thumb' / 'thumbnail' or 'frame' or nothing). Defaults to nothing.

{location} is the location as per this page (so 'right', 'left', 'center' or 'none'). Defaults to 'right'.

{size} is the size as per this page. 's' (small square), 't' (thumbnail), 'm' (small), '-' (medium), 'b' (large). Defaults to '-'.

{caption} Any element which cannot be identified as one of the above is assumed to be caption text.

More details:

Flickr set to mediawiki[edit]

Instructions here: Flickr2wiki

Syntax highlighting (broken)[edit] / reason : it included 14 javascript files on every single page.


Just surround your code like this: <pre class="brush:[code-alias]"> …Your Code Here </pre>

replace the “[code-alias]” segment with the type of code you have. See all the available brush aliases