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Parent: Wbm2009v2

Let's keep in touch ![edit]

  • Bauke van den Akker - bauke at wifi-links dot net
  • Saverio Proto (Ninux.org) zioproto at gmail dot com
  • Claudio Pisa (Ninux.org) clauz at ninux dot org
  • Xavier Carcelle - xavier dot carcelle at gmail dot com - Coming to Ninux2009
  • Nicolas Thill - nico at openwrt dot org - Coming to Ninux2009 too
  • Marek Lindner - lindner_marek at yahoo dot de - staying in Taiwan (please announce the next Ninux earlier)
  • Andrew Lunn - andrew.lunn at ascom dot ch - holiday in Switzerland
  • Szczepan Jany - leeseck at gmail dot com - from Poland
  • Pieter Heremans - ptr at L45 dot be - http://hackerspace.be
  • Linus Lüssing - linus dot luessing at web dot de - from Germany
  • Benjamin Henrion - bh at udev dot org - going to Ninux2009
  • Olivier Meunier - ol at okno.be - host of the Wbm2009v2 at okno.be

Invitation to other events[edit]

Ninux.org is organizing an event on Rome 27-29 November: http://wiki.ninux.org/NinuxDay2009en