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Hi, I'm Stéphane, from Saint-Gilles.

Some elements to describe my cursus :

  • I play with computers since childhood, when I received a 2nd hand PC XT (which I still have 25 years later)
  • I use only Linux at home since 1997
  • I helped to organize the 2 first conferences of Louvain-li-Nux before it became a KAP (we invited ESR)
  • I quibble with electronics since I'm 15, and loved to design, realize and integrate the multiple PCB's for a robot competing in the EuroBot cup in the framework of my engineering studies
  • I love to learn, explore and hack things and places
  • There is always Club-Mate in my fridge

It's a long time ago I haven't designed concrete things, and that void needs to be filled, so I'm thinking about applying for membership to share knowledge, get involved in funny projects, hoping it will kick my ass to sort my appartment out and re-install the electronics corner I've always dreamt of :-)