Upgrade Your Driver License

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Upgrade Your Driver License
Having less crosses and more stamps on the official pink document
"Size does not matter" or "The heavy side of the wheels"

Beside being stuffed to the roof with toys, tools, food, beer and sofas, there is a possibility that the Belgian CCCamp truck was slightly overloaded. It felt quite heavy on the road.

Nothing wrong happened and everything went smooth as expected, but we should be more careful with cargo for the next camp. Beside the increased risk of accident, there can be heavy fines for overloaded vehicles.

Let's open new horizons of mobile hacking and camp furniture by first hacking the pink paper in your wallet.

More info on the european driving license here.

Interesting categories for a hackerspace[edit]


Any member driving a car has at least the B category with a permanent validity. If you have a hook on your car, you can pull a cargo trailer up to 750 Kg. The manufacturer of your vehicle may put more strict or specific limitations.

That's already a lot of toys and/or luggage !!


This is an extension of the first category that allow you to pull a heavier trailer. Validity is permanent. Keep in mind that your car must be powerful enough to pull the extra load. The whole carriage must be under 3500 Kg.

Mobile kitchen with cargo space and fridge ?


Up to 7500 Kg. Should be enough for peace of mind or the heaviest project with plenty of reserve horsepower, unless you bring a nuclear reactor.


Hackers on a bus baby !!

This is what we will need if we ever build a mobile hackerspace out of an old bus. Require a medical clearance.

Groupe francophone[edit]

Nederlandstalig groep[edit]


  • Do the get a discount from the driving school if we come as a group ?