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Tools panel
tool panel
Occupy the walls !
askarel, paspas, ptr_, you ?

Next tuesday[edit]

We will attach a wood panel on the wall and paint it.

showstopper items[edit]

We need the following items to get started:

  • White paint (bucket found in the space)
  • Somewhat Darker paint
    • <askarel> I still have a bucket of blue paint in my closet, will bring it.

Most Needed tools[edit]

  • crowbar (pied de biche)
  • Spanner wrench set (clé plate)
  • Drill bit set
  • Hacksaws

Later on[edit]

  • Cordless drill
  • Dremel
  • Terminal Crimping tools

Rules for usage[edit]

These tools are there to help you reach your goal.

  1. Bring the tools back to their place when you're done.
    • Failure to do so will cause your project to be sealed in red tape. :-)
  2. FACT: With time, tools break. It means you're active and make the space living.
    • Organize broken tool replacement ASAP. The most demoralizing part in a project is being stopped in your momentum by a tool that is missing or is there but unusable.
    • Don't be afraid to tell when you break something: it will make epic hacking stories in the end.
    • Better yet: replace it yourself, You'll earn extra geek points.
  3. Keep the tools in the space (please)
  4. Try to use the tool for the purpose it was built for.
    • When you need a crowbar, use a crowbar, not a screwdriver.
  5. When in doubt about how to use, ask.