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How to connect[edit]

Note: this is a temporary setup we've build during Voidwarranties opening weekend so the Wandering Star could make it first trip to eth0. This setup will change to a more robust setup in the future.

  • Only pubkey authentication is allowd on The Wandering Star. If you don't have yet a public and private key:
$ ssh-keygen -t dsa 
google for: "putty public key"
  • Give you pubkey (*.pub) to Askarel and Tazo


The VPN is very unstable on The Gate and there is a routing problem: you have better chances to directly connect to the following IP addresses:

2001:67c:2a4:0:230:18ff:fea4:137f (aka


  • For now there is only remote connectivity to the Wandering Star via the gate at HSB (or if you are in the LAN of HSB). So because you don't want to store your private key on the server you can setup a SSH tunnel from the gate to the wandering star. And then connect trough that tunnel from your laptop to the wandering star.


  • Connect to the gate and setup a tunnel to the wandering star:
$ ssh -L 55555: <username> -p 64321
  • Login from your laptop to the Wandering Star:
$ ssh <username>@localhost -p 55555

If your successful you should see the informative banner ;-)


  1. Create a tunnel to the gate with putty:
    1. Host Name: Port: 64321
    2. Configure the tunnel:


    1. Press Add
    2. Open
  1. Login to the wandering star via the tunnel:
    1. Start a new putty
    2. Host name: localhost Port: 55555
    3. Don't forget your keys


The wandering star automatically set up a v6 tunnel. If you happen to have a working IPv6 configuration , this is the only thing you need to do:

$ ssh <username>

Decrypt the disk[edit]

  • Decrypt:
$ cat /home/readme-decrypt.txt 
Mount the volume:
$ sudo truecrypt /home/crypt.bin /home/data/
Enter password for /home/crypt.bin: 
Enter keyfile [none]: 
Protect hidden volume (if any)? (y=Yes/n=No) [No]: No

Dismount all volumes:
$ sudo truecrypt -d 
  • Store your data in /home/data/<username> (create folder if not exists).