The Wandering Star/Feedback

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Stuff we learned from the first use at eth0[edit]

  • More diskspace :-)
  • Need a more stable vpn tunnel => root cause is unstable gate at hsb. Otherwise the tunnel came nicely backup everytime
    • => WiP: we need to rebuild The Gate anyway: Working on the case for the moment. -- Askarel
    • => use a TAP device instead of a TUN device on the gate
  • Need an ipv4 dyndns client => done,
    • => Might be useless if behind NAT -> yes but even then can se useful for local troubleshooting
  • Need notification when the wandering star is up. twitter, irc, etc...
    • => WiP -- Askarel
  • Need a fixed alias ip on the interface so local people can better troubleshoot if something is not working
    • => Need to document the MAC address as well for troubleshooting for the local people
  • A way to better inform people where they should store their files
    • => WiP -- Askarel
  • An ncurses based download manager?
  • Some script to easily add SSH keys
    • => WiP -- Askarel
  • An atheros-based wifi card
    • => There is a Ralink WiFi card inside, but no pigtail for the antenna. Pigtail is top priority if you want wifi. :-) (which Ralink chip is it?)

Say if you liked it anyway :-)[edit]

  1. tazo (surprising smooth first run)
  2. ptr_: totally awesome - eagerly awaiting the return of the wandering-jedi
  3. hans: cool, more easy than i thought

More diskspace :-)[edit]

  • the disks we got avail ftm at hsb are max 200GB
    • The case allow for 3 disks, but can be extended to 6
    • Mobo still has 1 PCI slot available: we can install a SATA extension board
    • a quick look online:
      • 1TB SATA disk: 65euro. link
      • 2TB SATA disk: 170euro link

we could buy 1 or 2 with HSBXL:to be discussed

  • ptr_: my view is we should wait a bit and see how wanderingstar gets used.. do we really need more?
    • hans: yes, lot's.
    • askarel: Asking the question is answering it. :-)
    • i think ppl who want a bigger disk can plug one in -- i'm not too keen on spending money on hw (there's plenty of 250 GB disks around at hsb) -- ptr_

* An ncurses based download manager?[edit]

these are the tools you can use ftm

  • nmap to explore the local network
  • screen + wget (ftp & http)
  • elinks (ncurses based browser) allows you to put download jobs in background