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This page has been created during the CCC 2011. It's purpose is to list the shortcomings we faced during the last camp, what was useless, what was needed, what was awesome and what need improvement.

Should be used as a supplement to your already long checklist.

Was missing[edit]

  • Sound system
  • Projector screen/spot
  • Supernova/Decent power distribution box
  • Beamer
  • waterproof outlets

Need improvement[edit]

  • Kitchen ?
  • LED display: add more infos/make it more dynamic
  • Tent lighting: more warm lights and blinkenlights
  • Power outlets distribution in the party tent
    • having some outlets underneath the roof of the tent as well as UTP (suspended switch), so you have power and LAN all over the table without having a bunch of cables/switches ON the table itself...
  • Main power feed: putting all our junk on 25m of 3G 1,5 mm² cable is asking for trouble, we could see the lights dim when the fridge compressor start.
  • Packing stuff: loose bags and open boxes means headaches. The next camp is in two years, go to the nearest army surplus shop and get one or two (or more) army crates. They come in many size (the biggest is 1,20m in length), are not that expensive regarding the service they offer and may even be salvaged. Also, don't forget to label your stuff properly. Small ammo cases go as low as 5€, add coolness points, are mostly waterproof and are tough as hell beside being rock'n'roll.
  • Organisation wiki-page: was spread around to many wikis. Next time we use the village page on the wiki of the event, as we did with HAR.
  • Many surprise visitors, the more people the more fun of course(!) but causing on peek times not enough chairs/tables, too crowded in the tent:
    • next time we ask everybody to register on the village page so we can decide to bring a 2nd/3rd tent.
    • every member finds a way to contribute to the village: chairs, tables, transport, transport a crate of beer
  • needed more Belgium beer: more people bring a crate of beer, give all the bills to the financial responsible and bills can be payed at the end of the camp.
  • Do a few real life meeting before the camp to organize the work, this year a lot of work has been done by 2 people.

Was awesome[edit]

  • The LED display giving a basic description of our group
  • Power distribution: the use of the gap between bars was just the smartest thing to do.
  • Sofa
  • The amount of tables and chairs
  • Lighting: The snakes and PAR36 spots were much better than the ugly aggressive tube of HAR2009. And don't forget the disco ball !!
  • Fridge + Duvel + Jupiler
  • The 'power switch control box'
  • Food organisation
  • Having a truck!!

Was useless[edit]


  • 200euro from cccamp11