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Notes from CCCamp2011 are here

We all had a great OHM2013 camp.

Profit: 679.77 + maybe some gnome sales

  • this can be used for CCC

Involved spaces[edit]

  • VoidWarranties
  • 0x20
  • Fablab Brussels
  • UrLAB
  • Foreigners

Was awesome[edit]

  • Creepy garden gnOHMes
  • Team:Decoration did REALLY COOL STUFF !! NICE JOB !!
  • Crime scene
  • gnOHMe hunt game
  • Plenty of cold good beer (we had a huge fridge)
  • Rented material
    • HUGE tent
    • Tables and chairs (50 chairs and 10 tables)
    • Lights (PAR56 and control box)
    • 4 beamers !!
    • Floor !!
  • Power distribution panel and 3 phase power supply
  • There was (a sketchy OSB) BAAAAAAAAAR
  • The two jars pool
  • Lounge (3 sofas)
  • Event organization: 
    • using OHM wiki and 42 mailing list was the way to go
    • Having volunteer teams
    • Regular preparation meetings
    • Asking village members to register themselves on the wiki of the event: allowing us to better plan the event
  • Small items were better packaged than at CCCamp2011
  • Having cling film for keeping stuff together on the pallet

Need improvements[edit]

  • Transport
  • Power distribution panel (need waterproofing + protection when the power drops out and back in)
  • Sound system (better than at CCC, but we can do better)
  • Better communication on the camp preparation meetings
  • Tent LAN setup
  • Shelving
  • Extension cords: we sometimes ran out of sockets
  • LED display: was not dynamic: need more data
  • Communication between the teams
  • Meetings do not have to be physical: use hangouts
  • First meeting about a year before the event
  • USE MOAR website
  • Bar shifts
  • Don't rely too much on the bar financially (we don't want to be commercial sellouts)
  • Team:food
    • more kitchenware
    • Having a sink ?
    • Separate team BEER
    • Better food planning
      • Who cook what and when ?
      • Who makes shopping and when?
      • Who makes the dishes ?
  • Stuff management: tools and components
  • Stuff inventory (MOAR stickers)
  • Have something to beam om the roof

Was missing[edit]

  • Supernova
  • Power during setup/breakdown (we need a generator)
  • Disco ball
  • Small PAR36 spots (?)

Specifics for the CCC[edit]

  • We need 2, maybe 3 volunteering hackers to get a C category driving license (bigger truck !!)
  • Try to get into the orga meetings: we learn a *LOT* of details
  • We *WILL* need a truck.
  • Check the german regulations/ask a permit
  • Ask guidelines from CCC orga


  • Plan the tent
  • Ask for donations from villagers
  • Teams next year: Food, Drinks, Transport, Infrastructure, power, network, decoration, finance & paperwork, Light, sound, AV, content, COMMUNICATION, core?
  • MOAR workshops
  • Define village name
  • A stamp for the village
  • Continue on the garden gnomes theme
    • Robotize gnomes
    • Keep them in a cage with a padlock
    • t-shirts (The gnomes made me do it)
    • Make them speak (echo "hello, i'm a garden gnome" |flite --setf int_f0_target_mean=300 --setf int_f0_target_stddev=90)

Things to keep in mind (survival tips)[edit]

  • loose bags and open boxes means headaches. 
  • Go to the nearest army surplus shop and get one or two (or more) army crates. They come in many size (the biggest is 1,20m in length), are not that expensive regarding the service they offer and may even be salvaged. 
  • Don't forget to label your stuff properly. 
  • Get Small ammo cases. (they go as low as 5€, add coolness points, are mostly waterproof and are tough as hell beside being rock'n'roll)
  • Put stuff on palets and get two rolls of cling film

Undirectly related with the camp[edit]

  • Stuff storage: Check price safety deposite box/garage (shurgard or other)
  • Set up an umrella organization for belgian hackerspaces ?