The Gate

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The Gate
New router for HSB with a lot of headroom.
Moving bits in and out, in bulk.
User:Askarel, User:Tazo, User:Ptr_here, User:Wouter

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What is it ?[edit]

A low power (fanless) computer destined to run 24/7, running some important services for the space (IPv6 tunnelling, VPN, Pamela, The Silent Guy, netboot, dyndns,...) with some processing headroom.

Could we use an embedded platform like a WRT54G ?[edit]

The embedded platforms usually have very limited resources (low flash, low RAM, slow CPU) or have some missing hardware (RTC, USB, parallel/serial port). For example, In the case of the WRT54G, you need to choose between IPv6 tunnel and an OpenVPN platform. The device can't do both, you will need to stack several of those to reach your goal.

Furthermore, given the number of hosts we have during workshops, the embedded platform simply croaks under the load. Also, having a transparent proxy for HSB would be nice to speed things up for the visitors.

Services that will run on the machine[edit]

  • Internet gateway
  • IPv6 tunnel/gateway
  • Pamela scanner
  • PXE/Netboot machine
  • NFS server (soldering station/netboot)
  • DN42 gateway
  • DynDNS updater
  • VPN endpoint (Wandering Star/DN42)
  • Maybe a web interface to wake up machines on the LAN ?

What do we have ?[edit]

  • A half-gutted ATX case and a nice LCD screen (Thanks Wouter !!)

What do we need ?[edit]

  • Motherboard
  • Power supply
  • Hard disk (?)
  • DOM/Compactflash adapter
  • A front plate

What need to be done first ?[edit]

The case need a nice 19" wide front plate and some angle iron.

Software part[edit]

This will be a sensitive machine. It will contain several credentials. Rules must be defined regarding the shell access and administrative operations.

Build log[edit]


* We have a routerboard that was used as a ReseauCitoyen node. That board will be re-used. It still has two A/B/G wifi cards. * The routerboard has a 512 MiB compactflash card and a 44 pin IDE header: we need to find a suitable cable. * We will recycle a 1U case from a dead switch: where is the original power supply ?

  • There will be space enough to install the DSL modem inside the case.

We decided to go the full blown desktop machine option to have a lot of headroom for the future.


  • The case went through a lot of changes since it's previous status of a gutted piece of sheet metal: 4 USB connectors are mounted on the face plate and the power switch is also there. The case is surrounded by a heavy duty 5U custom made frame (approved by Norbert) and has the motherboard support reinforced.


The case is now completed !! The only thing left to do is install software


The machine is now live !! The ADSL modem has been moved inside the case, the power is taken from the +12V rail We have VDSL2. Modem had to be replaced.

Running services:

  • Internet gateway
  • IPv6 tunnel/gateway
  • Pamela scanner
  • DynDNS updater
  • VPN endpoint (Wandering Star)
  • DHCP server
  • dn42
  • mpd Moved to HAL9000
  • WiFi
  • TODO:
    • PXE/netboot
    • firewall


The Gate/Migrating away from dnsmasqThe Gate/NetworkThe Gate/setup

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