The 12 Labours of HSBXL-NG

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Number Task Status what
1 The Roof TO DO (stalled) There are still some leaks near the door and on the back side. Follow the wet spot. To continue when weather is dry.
2 The heating DONE (?) The radiators are installed and working. Heat output is suboptimal, but we're not cold (yet).
3 The insulation DONE
4 The shelves busy Shelves are installed and need to be filled/cleaned up. Some small cupboards still need to find a place
5 The network busy (mostly done) Cabinet moved to new space. Network wiring installed. Still need to migrate the DSL line
6 The electricity stalled We need more power sockets !! The lighting system rework is under way
7 The kitchen TO DO Still need to install the sink and a countertop. Who's in ?
8 The door stalled Garage door wiring is a mess and must be rebuilt from scratch. Access control must be (re-)built.
9 The projection screen DONE
10 The fridge TO DO Have a better accounting system for the drinks. We need to finance our space improvements. :-)
11 The sign stalled Make a nice sign on the street to replace that ugly big-oil advertisement.
12 The Pit TO DO Need to be cleaned up from the grime at the bottom. Better cover needed.