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 Techtuesdays are a social meet-up sort of thing, just walk in for a talk, 
 club-mate, latest news, or to show off your latest pet-project.  
 ... or you can always stay home and read slashdot.
General Assembly (aka. TechTue36)
_not the usual stuff, big meeting, members only
Tue 15 Dec 2009 19:30
HSB, Location

 meeting notes are  here

General assembly of hackerspace Brussels, this Tuesday is _members only_.

the meeting starts at 20h00 CET.

All members are cordially invited by email, even `nice -20`-ely urged to be there. (a valid meeting needs a substantial number of members to be there, voting by proxy is _not allowed)

we won't put occasional non-members/visitors at the door, but they won't be able to intervene in the meeting (so basically, you can sit silently in a corner of the room :-)

deroulement/verloop of the meeting[edit]

we'll use this page as a guideline/outline for the meeting, please add points on the agenda hereunder if you want to get them under the attention of the meeting


  • the general assembly meeting is called together by the board, sending all members a 10-days notice by email
  • at least one third of the members are to be present (being 'present' means being there in person,as we don't have a way/consensus yet how to be present remotely)

taking decisions[edit]

  • we'll try to make decisions by discussion and consensus.
  • in case a discussion is not getting a consensus, or there is no point in discussing(not actionable, political trolling, etc), any member can launch the egg-timer/countdown clock, which, on take-off will terminate the discussion.
  • if an outcome is absolutely necessary, and no consensus is reached (see above), the board will call for an immediate vote, where a majority of 2/3 of present members (no voting by proxy allowed), will decide (as defined in the st*tutes).
 (as this is just an idea, so up for discussion, we can make it the first point of the agenda?)

meeting notes[edit]

  • as this meeting is official, we'll need notes/document.
  • as we don't want to put a burden on any single person, we'll open a collaborative editor (etherpad or alike) at the start of the meeting, and invite everybody to update the text, during the meeting. (so you don't have to check you're email/read slashdot/procrastinate when not actively discussing :-)
 this text will be the main outcome of the meeting, 
 is printed at the end of the meeting and
 and added to the official documents of our association 
 (hackerspace brussel vzw/asbl).


acknowledgment of the board of HSBxl[edit]

  • presenting the current board,
  • general vote by the meeting if there are changes
  • (is there any changes?)

financial status[edit]

internal regulations[edit]

(no clue if we should make these really official, but it's a starting point to tune/sync brainwaves)
  • we accept patches : in real-life, as with code, all is dynamic and up to change-- don't complain, make the change
  • yes, you can any member wanting to work on a project, making use of infrastructure of the HSBxl, can assume a YES,GREAT (unless the project is (bio-)hazardous, damaging the infrastructure, or bluntly illegal under Belgian law)
  • 28 days later : objects, elected for removal will be tagged with post-it papers, denoting the date of last_use -- any object not used for 28 days can, and probably, will be removed, destructed, harvested for components or given away. -- the same counts for projects: we evaluate after 28 days if they are worthwhile to maintain.
  • talking is silver, silence is gold, getting off your lazy butt and doing is rare earth!
  • no political trolling : it's not a good idea to start endless discussions
  • don't panic : as it get's you around in the universe, guess it also counts in our space


  1. There are no passengers on this ship *only* crew members.
  2. We are explorers, not pirates.
  3. Upon leaving the ship, clean your spot, and the spot next to you.
  4. Drinks are in the fridge, they are cool, cheap and help us to stay afloat
  5. Respect fellow members, their privacy and their hardware.
  6. Communication generally works better than conflict.
  7. The guy/girl mopping the deserves more respect than the non-existing captain.


  1. Sharing is good, share your knowledge, creativity, hardware and code.
  2. Respect is not enforced, it is earned.
  3. Parrots have no original thoughts, think, don't be a parrot...
  4. Truth is usually somewhere in the middle. Most issues aren't binary anyway. Requantize.
  5. Last but foremost: Be Excellent to eachother.

debriefing the past year[edit]

debriefing the past year; YOUR expectations (also unmet ones), possible improvements

  • proposal for a clean-up (throwing away useless things, repair broken stuff and use some water, soap and dusters on the walls and floors) of the space. And some kind of regulation to keep it clean in the future. So there will be less place for junk and more space for fun and creativity. And while we're at it, some general improvements on the space would be nice as well (fixing a sink in the kitchen for example)
    • ptr_: how to define 'useless things'/junk (try the '28-days later' guideline?) -- what's great for one, is junk for somebody else.
    • ptr_: regulations: please propose/elaborate possible regulations
    • the general improvements: setup a project, get some people together and do it
  • ranting/trolling on the mailinglist: i (ptr_) like to do this from time to time, but i guess it's annoying for most of you -- better use the wiki for ranting/trolling :-) ?
  • (ptr_) who has keys? how are they used?
  • (ptr_) setting up events/workshops/... is there enough info? is there a need for these activities ?
  • (ptr_) 'insurance' vs. 'all you do is on your own risk'
  • have less garbage in the space to make it more welcoming
  • the heating (!!!) :-)
  • have more workshops, lately it is getting better, but the more, the better
  • stop the endless "we should do such and such" discussions and have

more people do something (seems to also work better lately, which is cool)

  • make it more clear for newbies, that the stuff is actually there for

projects and they should build smth. instead of sitting in front of their laptops if they whish

  • stop theses "but I want it in pink!" posts and comments on the

mailing lists and in real life, if you don't do anything, stfu

  • remove the f-ing piano
  • cleaning up the tables, if you are working on a project: create an empty box, label it and put it on the shelf.
  • inventory of materials in hsb (what is hsb's, ptr_s,etc)
  • add your own

a drink/toast on the coming year ?