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 Techtuesdays are a social meet-up sort of thing, just walk in for a talk, 
 club-mate, latest news, or to show off your latest pet-project.  
 ... or you can always stay home and read slashdot.
tuesday meeting
Tue 18 Nov 2014 19:00


2014/08/12 HSBXL-NNG Rue du moulin 40, Saint-josse-ten-noode



  • Owner: Jean-george will write email and contact Nino
  • Kitchen hygiene: Ptr saw a mouse. We cant keep food. We set some mouse traps.
  • New place:
* Wouter contacted muntpunt and people he knows from the IT dep. at VGC
* We will put a text on facebook




I don't know in which language to write you (Français/Nederlans/English), so I choose for English. I tried to log on the mailinglist of the Hackbase, but I don't really get how it works. That's how I found your mailadress and why I email you.

Currently, I'm looking for the possibility to organize an event in Brussels, where bicycle problems (sore points for cyclists/limitations for non-cyclists) are identified, and being solved. This event is called Cyclehacking and was in 2014 organised in 3 cities (Vancouver, Beirut and Glasgow). The idea is to organize it in 2015 in as many cities as possible.

Here you can find a movie to get an idea of the concept: In attachment you can find a magazine for more information.

In the movie you can see that the intention is really to look for solutions and put them immediately into action. The cyclehack would take place on 5/6/7 june 2015 and would take 48 hours.

I only just started with my research/organization and I am only since 2 months a inhabitant of Brussels, so currently I m looking for enthusiast cyclists/bicycle-lovers/cyclists-in-the-make to help me with the organization of the cyclehack, and make it work.

Also, am I urgently looking for a location for the cyclehack. Most preferred it should be a location where things can be created (with enough space and some tools ect.).

Could you help me in any way with this? If you are interested I can come to visit, to explain you some more about the concept and the ideas.

Thanks in advance, Greetings, Sara