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 Techtuesdays are a social meet-up sort of thing, just walk in for a talk, 
 club-mate, latest news, or to show off your latest pet-project.  
 ... or you can always stay home and read slashdot.
tuesday meeting
Tue 04 Mar 2014 19:00


HSBXL-NNG Rue du moulin 40, Saint-josse-ten-noode



  • 3D printer
  • Movie
  • UDC event 16-19 April 2014

see below for the mail of oli

  • semi-members
  • tools
  • clean desk policy

3D printer[edit]

  • buy at different places / different brands to test (PLA and ABS and PVA)
  • Weigh the prints, pay per gram + 25% = decided by majority
  • make a banner to explain this
  • Idea rises to train newbies | when trained you get the password of the dedicated PC connected to the 3D printer
    • second thoughts were added, we will trust in users of the printer their intelligence and self-assessment
  • Idea rises to (help Lulzbot) develop the firmware and hardware, to optimize the printer
  • For future printing with multiple extruders: hack together a rotary encoder to measure the length (and thus weigth) OR weigh the beginning roll and end state of the roll
  • Reservation and scheduling system to be implemented


  • with android lifelike robot by moviestudent guy brought by A.
  • pointed him to imal and constant
  • Will come back next week
  • Nice project


  • postponed until olivier is there


  • voted against
  • there's only a possibility to pay less when you don't have cash
  • Y. did acknowledge the non-issue of this already => You can pay your yearly due membershipfee at once

investments in tools[edit]

  • Philips heads screwdrivers > good quality and multiple sets
  • Bits for screw machine
  • column drill (flea market)
  • Power supply was donated - potentiometer needs to be fixed and tested
  • socket wrench set
  • screwdriver with exchangable bits


  • We should try to implement it more


3rd Open-UDC meeting in BXL - Universal Dividend Cryptocurrency summit - Bxl Commons Festival

What is Open-UDC :

it's a protocol for a system of digital cryptocurrency that respect the 4 economic liberties, as defined in the Relative Currency Theory by Stephane Laborde - these are inspired by the 4 liberties toward the software by R. M. Stallman -, and that implement the principle of Universal Dividend / Basic Income. (note : it's not a fork of Bitcoin - it's way better …) Brussels Commons Festival :

It's a wandering festival that explores the Commons, how they are actually managed/distributed and how we could do better. Each time a different place and a different subject (past editions : land - technology - water ) The meeting :

The idea is to gather thinkers and tinkerers, theoreticians, practitioners of the commons, and developpers in a 3 days event around the ideas of universal dividend/basic income and digital peer-to-peer currencies between 16 and 19 April 2014 :

   16 - from Basic Income to TRM and Open-UDC : theories and practice toward a distributive free monetary system

workshop / conference / round table - open to all public

we plan to receive Stéphane Laborde, Michel Bauwens, Lionel Dricot, and others (panel to be confirmed)

   17 - 19 - Open-UDC dev meeting : 10-20 developers gather to build the code

further tech presentations and hackathon - open to developers

   19 - Open-UDC / TRM : Public opening and workshops

OpenUDC app demo and TRMonopoly play what we need : for day 1

   day : \
       a room with good wifi + beamerfor presentation / workshop for ~20 people
   evening : \
       a room with good wifi + beamer, space for a presentation and 100 - 200 public

for day 2 & 3

   a room with good wifi + beamer for presentation / workshop ~20 people

for the guests :

   undetermined (10~20) number of sleeping rooms for french/other developers coming for the meeting

for the organisation :

   support and commitments,
   help for filming/streaming the event,

… References