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b. which hackerspace is out of money ? i see there's two in tokyo ( list) one with the right vibe and another one bit consumerist

=> who the freck cares which hackerspace it is and which vibe it has? What's that with the whole judgmental attitude? You have one look at a website and you are judging people you haven't even met. I did meet those people, I follow their mailinglist, their flickr accounts, their twitter accounts and visited their space. Went on guided tour through Akihabara with them. They are cool people. Now stop judging people and support another hackerspace. I always thought hackerspace were supportive of each other? wtf? I only want to gather 50 euro in total this one time for a space in financial needs, is that too much too ask? (bkay)

Here is them teaching kids about electronics at a school event for free. kthnxbye THS.jpg

ok true - m bit of troll from time to time - srry (ptr_)

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