Sushi workshop part 1

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Sushi workshop part 1
Sat 12 Dec 2009 18:00
till Sat 12 Dec 2009 19:00
Sushi Cooking Class
I can haz sushi?
HSB Brussels,Belgium
5 euro
Bkay & Sushi chef Yashiko

Sushi Cooking[edit]

We will start with a beginners class the 12th and an advanced class in January.

We will show you how the make the basic kind of sushi: maki, what ingredients to use and where to get them. We will give a small presentation about the different kinds of sushi and where they originate from. For the advanced course next month, we will make some other forms of sushi as well on how to present them in a typical Japanese fashion.

Participants only pay a small fee for the class (see it as a donation to THS). You don't have to pay for the ingredients. But you have to order a menu to be able to actively participate in the workshop. This means that whoever wants to eat it, has to pay for it. Additionally, hungry bystanders that happen to be in the space can have some sushi. ;-)

We can make a set menu. Who wants to try some Japanese beer?

Example of what we can do: Maki Menu

  • 6 pcs Maki salmon
  • 6 pcs Maki surimi
  • 6 pcs Maki cucumber

€14 (9€ for paying workshop participants)

Wasabi and soy sauce included


People interested in the course[edit]

max. 10 people (free but 5 euro donation requested for TokyoHackerSpace) Deadline is Thursday 10 Dec by 23:59.

  • Wouter
  • Hans
  • Zitzie
  • ace
  • Tazo
  • ...

Requirements for the course[edit]

Please bring your own wooden block and kitchen knife to cut the vegetables

People interested in the sushi menu (14€ everyone/9€ for workshop participants)[edit]

Participants who want to actively participate in the course have to order a menu to cover the costs of the ingredients. Unless they only want to observe others ;-) Deadline is Thursday 10 Dec by 23:59.

  • Wouter
  • Hans
  • Zitzie
  • ace
  • Tazo
  • ...

People interested a Japanese beer (Kirin) (2 euro)[edit]

  • ptr_ (1 bottle)
  • Xflame (1 bottle)
  • ...

I can also bring a small bottle of sake (at shop price) for those who want but I have no idea what the price is by heart. Send me an email or drop a message on the mailinglist if you want some.

the good cause[edit]

Profit will go to a good cause to support the TokyoHackerspace (東京ハッカースペース) who has a financial deficit. Note in order to make the sushi menu, we will work with online orders so we know how much ingredients to buy. Deadline is Thursday 10 Dec by 23:59.

the results[edit]