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Wandering Star on steroids
When massive is not enough

Special quick construction for the CCC summer camp with a server from the space and a heavy duty flight case with a switch Askarel has at home.

Due to a cycling accident in May and hardware issues, this project was a total no-go for this year.

We will invest more time/thinking in the design to build the ultimate machine best suited for a hacker camp and can take a reasonable amount of abuse.

Hardware available[edit]

  • 4U wooden flight case
  • 48 ports 100Mb switch

Wanted features[edit]

  • Heavy duty power distribution box: we should be able to enter the case with a 3-phase 400V+N 32A power supply
  • 6 individual circuits complete with breakers and Δ 30mA differential for increased protection.
  • Computer-controlled outputs for fun and profit ?
  • Be able to withstand the weight of a full fridge