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Sticky colourful plastic
what has been seen, cannot be unseen

Create a nice design for a sticker that we can sell at hsb to collect some money:

  • set up design challenge
  • declare winner and get them printed
  • find company that does stickers and ask for price
  • set price and sell them for everyone interested at hsb
  • put some free ones out at BruCon or other events like 26c3

contact: fs111

Sticker 2017[edit]

Version 2017

Sticker design October 2015[edit]

Proposed restriction: ISO/IEC 7810 format, ID-1 (85.60 × 53.98 mm) minus 1 mm on each edge (85.40 x 53.78 mm) Several ideas:

Sticker from August 2011[edit]

Why change a winning team? Just make a new batch of this sticker. Vote for [Sticker 2011]

Adaptation of this sticker to new projects in the space[edit]

Ik played a bit in Inkscape and tried putting together some ideas on our hackerspace and placing them in one sticker... Basically:

  • I started from the original sticker for a visual anchor: the thick HSBXL in a rectangle in a white on black print...
  • but turned the HSBXL into a glow... it's not about the space itself, it's about what happens (about the light, the emission)
  • the bottom part is open (put the name of our space to the top, a little smaller) ... a hackerspace is open - just enter.
  • I added a book - it's a referral to our bookscanner (possibly our poster child project) but also to the fact that we like to learn new stuff, and are willing to read an old fashioned book for it too.
  • It's got the referrals to the PCB-design from the previous sticker, but we're more than only electronics...
  • we're also aquaponics (or that's what I heard) - it give nice visuals for the least...
  • it's also understanding of mechanics (hence the gears)
  • the dish is a referral to the dish we have, but also to the HAM-radio project that's out there
  • the thought cloud is a reference to the dream plug, but also to the fact that a great project starts with a dream, an idea.

Hey, if you think it's a bit of a messy sticker... that's because we tend to be a bit of a messy hackerspace too ;)

Time to retire Norbert ... We'll never attract more ladies in here, if our opening line is: "we made a sticker of our Wiener!"

  • Here's the sticker [Proposal 1]:

Version 1

  • Clean up [Proposal Clean Up]

Version clean

  • A new proposal [bolwerK Pipe]

Version 3

2nd Adaptation of the previous sticker[edit]

Replaced the QR-code with Norbert Wiener... after all he has been the face of our space for ages... There's an A and a B-version:

  • A-version has Norbert Wiener in a shady cloud [Proposal 2A]:

Version 2A

  • B-version has Norbert Wiener in a line cloud [Proposal 2B]:

Version 2B

Not a pipe[edit]

  • A completely new approach... figure out the symbols and references for yourself... [Not a pipe]


  • The same sticker to be printed on transparent plastic (respects the cover of your laptop) [Not a pipe (transparent)]

Pipe bis

Sticker design August 2011[edit]

Version 2011

Sticker dealers:[edit]

As with everything I order online, I prefer EU business, because then I'm sure no extra customs tax will apply.