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Space love
Sat 24 Aug 2013 11:00
till Sat 24 Aug 2013 19:00
Space Love
HSBXL Brussels,Belgium

Copy paste from email:

I think SFD gives us a good momentum to finish the last bits of our space. The weekend after SFD is freedom not fear. And last 2 weeks I already got 8 visitors just randomly dropping by and having a look at what the hackerspace is. It is good to have our different floors and projects running as we want it.

Some work to be done I can think of now:

- Put the last bit of vinyl in the hallway - Make the hallway door to prevent people to go straight up (door frame is already on the wall) - Put the boxes in kitchen back in storage room behind kitchen - Clean all floors, top to bottom - Hang TV screens on wall, all floors - Setup Media share server (for xbmc clients on screens) - Put a sign on our door, or next to it (people still are confused)

Then, if people are interested in helping out with aquaponics project:

- Build the greenhouse on first floor terras (This also removes the rest of the wood that is on the ground terras) - Build a growbed for the ground floor aquarium - Build the NFT system (PVC tubes needed)

Also, setup old projects, like the bookscanner? Just catching dust for the moment.