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The basement is used for storage for the owner.

It also house the technical installations (heating system), the utilities meters (gas, water, electricity) and the NOC (The Gate, VDSL modem, core switch)

ground floor[edit]

the ground floor is the social area with the heavy machinery in the front and a bar and lounge in the back, with acccess t the garden

first floor[edit]

The first floor has 2 rooms. the front room houses the electronics lab while in the back room we are planning a secondary lounge area on the back balcony there is the aquaponics project

2nd floor[edit]

entering the 2d floor there is the kitchen and the smal rom in the back is planned for "member storage" a place where members can keep thier individual projects.

3rd (top) floor[edit]

on the top floor there is a room that is at the same time radio-lab, networking lab and small "classroom" there is also a small appartment where people can stay for a few days ( it has a bed and a small bathroom )