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We'll be needing volunteers for Software Freedom Day if we want to make it epic! In 2011, SFD was pretty much a failure: it collided with Freedom Not Fear, and we only had 2 visitors (and 3 speakers)

In 2012, SFD was great: we had a good bunch of people helping in preparation (cleaning up the space, prepping the rooms, ...) and the event was great.Estimated we had around 50 persons continously in the space, and we had 1 talk at all times, and often there was a second talk going on in the living room of Ptr. This was in the garage, and we had some great contacts with the neighbours.

In 2013, SFD promises to be even more historic! We're teaming up with UrLab and we have a stuffed program for 3 rooms at the same time. This is a great occasion to socialize with the neighours - putting flyers around is part of the plan. One of the three floors is geared towards the broad audience. The second floor is more practical (but you don't need the thinking caps yet) and might interest both technical and non-technical people. The third floor is for the people wanting to stretch their minds (or dig in a little deeper). I'm expecting people to walk in and be curious - just stay for an hour or so... and some just sticking around.

The day itself[edit]

If you're coming to the space anyway, this is a great moment to be host. Take up a shift here or there during the event (or chip in if you arrive there on the day self)

Please put your name here on the spots you're available to volunteer - put your name next to a speaker/talk if you're willing to help out there (subdivide if you needed).

  • 8:00 - 10:00
  • 10:00 - 12:00
  • 12:00 - 14:00
  • 14:00 - 16:00
  • 16:00 - 18:00
  • 18:00 - 20:00

Support talks/workshops[edit]

Introduce a speaker, discretely tell him/her if time is running out, help with practical stuff, start the recordings, ...

Populate the bar[edit]

  • Sell drinks, food, listen to people telling the story of their life
  • Sell Arduino, RasPi, etc... (if available by then)

Welcome people[edit]

   10:00 People coming to set up their tables - help them around
   11:00 etc... welcome visitors. Help them around, just be plain friendly.

Further, there's some stuff that needs to be done on beforehand[edit]

  • Spread the flyers (in the week before SFD)
  • Hang up Software Freedom Day Banner outside (evening before)
  • Check drink stock, order extra if needed (week before?)
  • Check the fridges, add enough drinks (day before?)
  • Set Zoppas to event mode (evening before?)
  • Invite groups or friends
  • Install tripods/screens/chairs/etc... (day or week before)
  • Get stuff from Vlaamse Uitleendienst
  • Get chairs from Urlab (and ??)


  • Process videos of talks and put them on Vimeo or youtube (or whatever, person doing it can choose) - Yvan offers to lend his high end graphics cards for the job.
  • Clean up
  • Return stuff to Vlaamse Uitleendienst
  • Return chairs we borrowed