Shopping list

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Wine Drinks (by crate of 24 bottles)

  • Jupiler 25 cl 1x
  • Duvel 1x
  • Blue Chimay 1x
  • Cuvee des trolls 1x

Drinks (by Pack of 6 plastic bottles)

Junk food (By box of 20 bags)

Other supplies


  • Isopropanol/rubbing alcohol
  • aceton
  • Fuel for heater
  • Small brushes (toothbrush like) for cleaning circuit boards
  • Metal Disc brushes for Dremel (PCB cleanup)

Electronics (Elak/MB Tronics/...)[edit]

Flea market[edit]

  • DDR2 ram sticks bigger then 512Mb
  • Coffee mugs. Not just cups, decent mugs.