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samsung product page of the screens

All 10 screens are tested by pastec and anon.

Only one is working for a short time.

We opened 4 displays === > exchanging all power supplies with one that works to check if the rest of the screen is functioning.

CONCLUSION: Most of the power supplies have bad capicators (as thought). Ptr_ will go buy new ones in MBTronics.

--Ptr here (talk) 19:57, 8 January 2014 (CET)

  • went to mbtronics buy a set of capacitors (the 4 capacitors which are bulbed-up on all boards we've seen x 10 times ) costs : 30,10 EUR (took the money out of cash jar)
  • replaced these on 3 boards : 3 screen working fine now

PCB-samsungpx320.jpg PCB-samsungpx320 detail.jpg