Sauerbraten Server setup

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Sauerbraten Server setup
Sat 02 Jul 2011 14:00
till Sat 02 Jul 2011 18:00
Setting up a Sauerbraten server
Prepping the tools to have the summer Hassackre (Hacker massacre) in Sauerbraten
HSB Brussels,Belgium

We'll be trying out all the different stuff (and see where we get):

  • setting up the server (I think I would go for the hopmod modification)
  • maybe creating a custom environment... (wouldn't it be fun to actually have the space as our shooting ground?)
  • have a go at shooting at each other.
  • have a go at the fridge, killing a Club-Mate

Here's some links to start off with:

Having a Sauerbraten server running (just the basics)[edit]

  • Install Sauerbraten (find it in your repo's)
  • Running Sauerbraten as a server (open a terminal window)
    • sauerbraten -d
  • Here I see where my configuration file is located:
    • Location: (hidden folder): ~/.sauerbraten/

Voila, you have a local server running on your IP! (now that was easy, wasn't it?)

Getting ready to also install HopMod, to have some improved features on the server (using Ubuntu here)[edit]

  • resolving dependencies
    • sudo apt-get install binutils build-essential cmake g++ gcc libgeoip-dev libsqlite3-dev libzip-dev make subversion sqlite3
  • going to the folder where I save my source files
    • cd ~/src/
  • putting the latest version of HopMod on the computer
  • compiling it from source
    • mkdir release-build
    • cd release-build
    • cmake ..
    • make
    • make install
  • configuring the conf file
    • can be found here ~/src/hopmod/conf/servers
    • added an admin password
    • changed game mode to whatever you want (in my case: "coop edit" to create a custom map)
  • have a look to the server backend

... so the next this is to create a custom map and be able to save it.[edit]