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how to organize something at hsb ? what steps should i take to get something started ?

kickstart it[edit]

let's say you're incredibly interested in some topic, but you need some info/know-how to get you really started. how to get it going ?

a great way is to organize a little openspace/workshop/hacknight on the topic of interest. so not only you get kickstarted, but you immediately got some peers.

  • set up a wiki page to gather & condense info (put your ideas/outline, + contact info)
  • being the information-junkies we are... there's always going to be peers interested, quickly ask around at hsb, code31-mailinglist, bxlug-list, etc; setup a doodle and spam the URL of your wiki page around
  • find someone experienced aka the Expert; in practice, it shouldn't be too hard: ppl will come over with possible contacts, look around on conferences etc.
  • fix a date (keep an eye on the availability of your expert, the kitchen mailinglist, hsb's agenda etc, participants'doodle).
  • spam around writeup an email-announcement (techtue, code31-mailing, personal contacts etc - don't forget to mention date, time, and a link to your event page on the wiki)
  • find someone with keys of hsb,
  • be there a bit in advance to prep the space (check the heating, projector, network, power) and have a great afternoon/evening/hacknight !

so the incentive of organising a workshop should come from the interested 'public' imho the burden of actually organising is split in two:

  • the expert preparing his topic/doing intro
  • the host, taking care of doing PR, preparing the space


setup a wiki page[edit]

  • Hit the "add an event" button on the wiki
  • (optional) find a clever name for the thing.
  • Don't add a date just yet.
  • Create content: I just googled a bit and pasted some links

ask around[edit]

  • come over to hsb and see who's interested
  • create an event page (click add an event on the sidebar of our wiki) - don't add a date yet
  • talk to the interested participants you know, ask them what they expect. Tell then to get involved by adding that to the wiki.
  • Don't worry if no-one edits the wiki. :-)

find expert(s)[edit]

  • probably one of the peeps at hsb is into it?
  • the more, the better
  • give them a link to your wiki page, so they have a direct way to communicate to the public

create an announcement[edit]

Check formally for interest, doodle works good for this:

  • you see who is interested
  • You see when they'll be able to attend
  • For people it's easier to register on the doodle

If you set a time, choose wisely, if it's going to take >3.5 hours, go for the afternoon.

fix a date[edit]

After a while the doodle will have some participants. Choose the date with most ppl.

If there are two dates, ask the experts which one they prefer.

Now you can send a mail to the mailing-lists and add the date to the eventpage on the wiki.

  • keep an eye on the agenda (if you can't find a date to have the space for yourself, try to be creative and combine activities?)
  • preferably not on techtue (unless it's a short session of half n hour/one hour)

spam around[edit]

  • code31 at
  • kitchen
  • mom on techtue (no don't take your mom, please :-)

in the space, before the event[edit]

  • get keys, or find someone to open up (peeps with keys are listening on the kitchen mailing list)
  • be there an hour in advance, find a good spot, setup the projector, check the network(power & internet-connectivity, put the heating on

the event[edit]

  • Don't panic
  • Welcome participants, collect some cash for HSB if you requested (eg. members for free, 5EUR for others)
  • enjoy


Setting up ForkFest09[edit]

(hansf's experiences)

Starting point: I wanted to know more about code repository systems.

Thaught: everybody knows some code versioning, but most of them probably want to know more.

I checked with my friends of the space if they would be interested in this, there was indeed some interest. So I decided to set it up.

from Hans to code31
Hey Peeps,

Almost everybody 'knows' how to use some kind of version control,
but almost everybody I meet has the feeling they are not using it
to it's fullest potential.

So we're going to do a small meet-up to fix that.

Temp wiki page here:
Feel free to edit.

When? You decide!